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Nawar Sukkar & Co. “NASCO,” formerly known as "SASC," was established in 1988 to provide oilfield services to petroleum companies operating in Syria. Having gained the trust of the major companies in the petroleum industry, the company expanded to provide Field Catering Services.  Due to the quick expansion of this division, the catering services company later became a separate company that compliments the work of the parent company.

After many years of success in the field of petroleum services and having established a reputation for perfectionism in the quality of services it provides, the company went into a joint venture and established the Syrian Company for Agricultural Services, SASCO, which soon became a leading name in agricultural services, irrigation systems and contracting.

Having worked for several years alongside the world's leading petroleum companies in the oil and gas industry, the Group took advantage of its rich knowledge and expertise of this sector and established Allied Expo in 1996.  Allied Expo organized the First Syrian International Oil & Gas Exhibition, SYROIL 98, which became one of the most prestigious exhibitions in Syria and the Middle East region.  After the success of SYROIL, Allied Expo has organized several successful events in the automobile industry, the environmental sector, the electrical power and energy sector also provides Conference Managements Services. Additionally, Allied Expo provides Stands Design and Stands Building Services.

In 2004, the Group went into a joint venture and established Syrian Medical Services (SMS), a company that provides services and equipment to the medical sector in Syria. Services that SMS provides include: sales, installation, maintenance, and after sales of medical equipment. It also distributes medical consumables through its well structured distribution network.      

Having worked for more than 17 years in many diversified fields of business, the Group has acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in practicing business in many industries in Syria including Services & Contracting, Agencies, and Exhibitions' Organization. The Group's experience range covers the local, governmental, regional and international markets.

The Board of Directors of the Group: Nawar Sukkar, Mhd. Tarif Al Kozbari, Amer Tayan and Karim Tabah, strongly believe that the reason behind the success of the Group's affiliate companies is due to their commitment to professionalism & effectiveness, which enables the Group to provide the highest quality and standard of service. Our clients have always been more than happy with the quality of work the affiliate companies provide.


We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality services and to ensure their success in their endeavors in Syria.



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• Oil Field Services

• Oil & Gas

• Oil & Gas

• Catering

• Mineral Resources

• Power and Energy

• Construction

• Power & Energy

• Motor & Spare parts

• Engineering

• Medical Equipment & Services

• Conference & Events

• Irrigation

• Irrigation & Agriculture

• Stand Design Services

• Health Sector

• Machineries’ Spare Parts

• Stand Building & Decoration

Nawar Sukkar & Co.:The original purpose of the company was to service the petroleum companies working in Syria and to provide them with oilfield services, construction of drilling sites and access roads, manpower, rig moves, customs clearance, transportation and supplies. The scope of work expanded drastically to include the representations of companies with various backgrounds and specializations in oilfield services. The dramatic growth of the company was mainly due to the high professionalism demonstrated at the early stage of its establishment. Additionally, the scope of work included public tenders announced by the government which lead to further cooperation with well established international petroleum companies. Today, the company has a substantial share of the oil services market and represents several major international companies in the oil, electricity and mineral resources sectors.

Field Catering Services: With the objective of providing catering and total life support services, and     through the creation of a quality standard and assurance programs, FCS demonstrated its high level of professionalism. Eventually, FCS became the leading field catering company in the country as it was the first to establish its own HSE policy and plan in addition to its quality assurance systems. Today, the company continues to provide the highest quality catering services to international petroleum companies operating in Syria.

Allied Expo: The exhibition organizers have the knowledge and expertise to organize and promote specialized trade exhibitions at international standards. Allied Expo's activities and services include: Exhibition Organizing, Special Design Service, Stand Building Services, Conferences & Events Management and Supply of Octanorm Products.

Allied Expo has an agenda of the following events:

  • SYROIL The Syrian International Oil and Gas Exhibition
  • SYRMOTORSHOW The Syrian International Motor Show
  • SYRPOWER The Syrian International Power Exhibition   

Allied Expo is also the exclusive Licensee of OCTANORM-Vertriebs-GmbH for the production and sales of its systems in the following countries: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, and Yemen.

Syrian Agricultural Services Company "SASCO": The company's professional engineers designed and built the drainage and irrigation systems at the EBLA Golf course in addition to the renovation of most of the football stadiums in Syria. The company extended its activities to trading in agricultural machinery, fertilizers, irrigation equipment, peat moss and substrates. Additionally, the company has a sod/turf farm which grows turf grass and sod for sale along with providing sodding services.

Syrian Medical Services: Provides professional services to the Syrian medical sector including: agencies & representations, technical studies, maintenance services, after sales support, medical equipment and consumables trading.
SMS provides professional services to foreign companies operating in Syria by focusing on building long term partnership in the medical field and by continually monitoring the trends of the medical market in Syria.  The company was successful in obtaining a large market share for the many international brands it represents through its professional marketing strategies carried out by a dedicated marketing and sales team.



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